Are You getting a BRAIN FOG

It seems as if your thoughts are illusive, and things that you once knew seem hard to comprehend or recall. You find yourself constantly fatigued,fatigued, distracted, moody and just plain “off”. But before you get all anxious and give your dearest Mama that frantic call have a quick read at this below article.

Luckily, brain fog is considered a reparable condition. Want to regain your sense of clear-headedness, focus and joy? Like nearly all things health-related, it starts with addressing the underlying issues, including your diet, stress levels, sleep and level of physical activity.

Symptoms of Brain Fog

  • Fatigue and low energy (including chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Irritability
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Poor working memory and executive function
  • Poor ability to memorize things
  • Impaired ability to process new information and delayed processing
  • Confusion
  • Low motivation
  • Mental confusion
  • Wandering thoughts; inability to sustain a train of thought
  • Disorientation

How Long Does Brain Fog Last

Brain fog can last anywhere from a few minutes to decades, especially if someone hasn’t found the underlying causes. It depends on what the causes of the brain fog are.



Ways to Beat Brain Fog:

1. Eat Enough Healthy Carbs

Cutting back on your packaged and processeded food loaded with artificial sugar and harmful synthetics is the first step to getting things right. Yes it pumps you up with energy being sugar high but it ultimately robs you of a steady flow of focus. That being said going low can backfire too. Eat complex, unprocessed carbohydrates throughout the day in appropriate quantities. Focus on filling up on brain foods that improve focus and memory — things like sweet potatoes, yams, fruit, raw dairy and ancient grains are all good sources of serotonin-boosting carbs.

2. Sunny Side up in Air

People think that taking a vitamin D supplement will make up for not getting sun. This is false. In my opinion, most of the benefits from sun don’t involve vitamin D.I recommend sometime of sun on most of your body. It refreshes your mind and the air helps maintain mental balance.

3. Good Night!!

People with brain fog are often wired but tired at night, fatigued in the day, and lack a cortisol spike in the AM. They can be hot at night and wake up multiple times in the night. A good night sleep is another step closer to the fix. Keep your mind calm and get a great sleep.

4. Manage Stress

These days, it’s tough to go more than a few hours without an influx of “stressors” like emails, texts and cell phone calls. This becomes distracting, tiring and makes it hard to work uninterrupted for any extended period of time. Meditate and keep you mind balanced is the best way to keep stress optimum.

If you don’t feel like your best self, your body is trying to tell you something needs to change. However, if you are sleeping enough, eating healthy, drinking water, and you’ve limited your multitasking tendencies, it might be time to schedule an appointment with your doctor about brain fog. He or she can help you identity if it’s another cause, such as a food allergy, vitamin deficiency, or hormonal imbalance.

Thanks for reading. Please leave your love and feedback in the comments and follow my blog.


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