You are your HOPE..

This is to all the strong daughters and grand-daughters we raise
As we help them recognize their true value
Just one thing beautiful baby girl… remember for the rest of your life

For all those who hurt you
For all those who betrayed you
Those who decided to crush your might
And take away your mental peace…
Shattered your health and heart
With every moment you had or thought of them in your life

What they need to be, is a FORGOTTEN DREAM
An insignificant non-existential illusion
While you pursue every ambition and goal you set your heart and mind on..

Take every thought from that person, Who belittled you
Bury them into the ground so deep
That flowers of your success bloom over them in every direction
Spreading joy to all those who come around….

Today and Forever
Be the most unapologetic version of yourself

In this moment….Inspiring the world…
How you survived, lived, shined and won!!!!!

Thanks for reading. Please leave your love and feedback in the comments and follow my blog.


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