Not many of you all know but like many others I am a person with many hats on head

  1. A corporate job
  2. A Poet at heart (and instagram @invayde1 #Follow me)
  3. An amateur photographer
  4. A humble blogger
  5. A gym enthusiast
  6. A student for Data Science
  7. My life (had to add this one :))

But in the middle of all of this it isΒ  a tough job to strike a balance not get overwhelmed. I can juggle between all this and also not forget to live my life. EAT, PRAY, LOVE (this I am not doing much of..hahaha) if you get my vibes.

A few of my followers DM’ d me over the last few months. How do you do it all? Don’t you procrastinate? How do you find the balance?

Get yourself a coffee. We are going to have a long chat!!!!

Often times we find our self rescheduling tasks. Some of the reason’s being..not motivated enough, I am too busy, I’ll do it later so on.. We shift and move our focuses to so procrastination and stalling our priorities in life. Soon one day we reach a pedestal to think where did time go..and I did not do so much in life..and I missed so much in life.

When it comes down to beating the urge to divulge from goals in life, there’s a simple formula to follow that can help GYST…(GYST stands for: Getting your shit together)

Now how do you GYST:

1. Recognition
2. Intention
3. Action

Recognition: We need to recognize why we need to do it. This is the first step to this 3 step approach. Unless you acknowledge that the need to the activity is for you and you alone it is going to be a tough journey ahead. Life is a finite object. Time is a finite object. You are well, healthy, successful today and the future is unknown. Live it while you create it….

Intention: Keep a goal in mind. Where is this activity going. Why am I actually doing it. Getting some of these basic questions out of the way helps to get this step on point.

Action: Time to set things in motion and make magic happen!!!!! Be the creator of your new chaos πŸ™‚ Create a list..and think it through..


So what is your recognition, intention and next action?


Thanks for reading. Please leave your love and feedback in the comments and follow my blog.

Posted by:Devyani

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