I’m currently staring out at the miles of water as I type this, and it is from the emanating pulse of their energy and the freedom this place has unleashed in me that I am writing this.

I am quite a sane nomad. With this I mean my April started with first week in New York, the second in Minnesota, the third in California and here I am for the last in Florida. And i have managed to keep my sanity in this. I am honestly not quite an anxious flyer..I am more like “You know what lets get this over with” Haha..

This was not my first time here. I was here once two years ago. Miami and key west then. My memory of that trip was not the best. There are some parts of it I wish I could blank out from my life too. But my trip this time to Orlando was one of the most surreal experience.

It started with day 1 in Universal Studio. I was totally a kid in the candy store. By that I mean you literally left a Harry Potter obsessed human in Diagon Alley with wands and robes and butter beer. Need I say more. The photographer in me was flipping out. I practically went running around every corner in there. Best thing t try though was the butter beer ice cream. The butterscotch flavors just explode in your mouth. Dong each of the ride 5 times pretty much explains everything.  I just wish the Orlando Universal gave Castle Tours. That would just be the ultimate thing in my life. Nonetheless love every bit of it.

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We went to all the other parks too. I went to a water park after so long. Volcano Bay park was worth every minute. Spend quite some time across the rides and then chilled out near the wave pool. Life was super blissful. The view across the wave pool from our kibanas.I tried a hibiscus margarita this time. One of the most refreshing drinks I have tasted in quite sometime. Do give it a try.



Next two days we headed for the Jeep Festival at Daytona beach. Some much needed break and soaking in heat after the brutal Minnesota cold. Sometimes laying by the pool and beach is just what you need for a vacation.

Being on a fitness binge I did manage to squeeze in a 3 mile run across the beach. Was just the best feeling ever.




I tried to break  my bonds on this trip. A trip with people I was meeting for the first time. Knowing my social anxiety and awkwardness I was surprisingly very good at managing it all. Keeping my nervous, alcohol, anxiety in check and vacation was truly for what it meant to be….Relaxation and Re-charge. There is no on and off button to life.  Everyday holds pockets of opportunity, avenues we haven’t walked down, foods we haven’t tasted and faces we’ve yet to smile back at.  So whether you’re jumping a plane or jumping into bed to wake up to another day of your life, live each and every day with abandon. See the adventure that lingers in every present moment and shake your mind and body up from the deeply grooved routines that keep us believing we need a vacation from our lives.  The curtain is up, the lights are on, the show has already begun.  Take presence on your stage and break a freaking leg.

Until next time folks..

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